Terms of SMS Messaging

  1. Services Description: Workese Inc. provides an innovative AI-driven service, enabling our clients to seamlessly interact with their customers. Our AI system proactively reaches out to end-users on behalf of our clients, handling missed interactions and efficiently managing scheduling, rescheduling, and sending reminders via SMS/MMS messaging, tailored to each client's preferences.

  2. Opt-In Process: Clients of Workese Inc. will be enrolled in our service upon signing up on our website. This enrollment constitutes agreement to our SMS/MMS messaging service. Their end-users will receive an initial greeting message for consent, e.g., "We noticed you missed a call from Joe at Joe's Plumbing. To schedule a callback, press 1 to opt into our messaging service. Press 2 to decline further messages."

  3. Opt-Out Process: To discontinue receiving messages from Workese Inc., recipients can simply text "STOP" to the originating 10DLC number. Workese customers also have the option to disable the messaging service for their clients at any time through their account settings. In both cases, this action will cease further SMS/MMS communications.

  4. Message Frequency: Subscribers to Workese Inc.'s services can expect to receive between 2-10 messages per month, depending on their usage. This frequency may increase due to feature updates or scheduling changes configured by the Workese customer. However, the customer's clients always have the option to opt out at any time.

  5. Fees and Charges: Joining the Workese Inc. messaging program incurs no additional charges. Standard message and data rates may apply. Additional fees are associated with AI services, varying based on the SKU of the Workese Plan purchased.

  6. User Eligibility: Workese Inc.'s services are available to individuals who meet our user eligibility criteria specified on our website.

  7. Limitations of Liability: Workese Inc. is not liable for messages that are delayed or undelivered due to factors beyond our control.

  8. Amendments to Terms: Workese Inc. reserves the right to modify these terms. Continued use of our service constitutes acceptance of any changes.

  9. Contact Us: For inquiries or concerns regarding these terms, reach out to us at support@workese.com